About MSSA

We're dedicated to the family sport of sailing!

MSSA in action! RACING: The club sponsors both individual and series yacht races during the season.  A small nucleus of diehard (crazy) sailors also engage in frostbite racing in the winter. Yacht racing involves cruiser- racers in the twenty- to forty-foot range. Racing is conducted in four divisions under the PHRF handicap system which theoretically renders all boats competitive regardless of design, size, or vintage. Generally fifty races of various types will be held (which does not include and frostbiting events). Distances will vary from two to forty miles and starting times will vary from 7:00PM weekday evenings to morning or evening times on weekends.

CRUISING: The Association has weekend cruises to Long Island Sound ports in both Connecticut and Long Island, as well as weekly raft-ups/barbecues and Summer Fun-Days filled with family oriented activities. The annual Long Cruise takes a fleet of boats to destinations such as Block Island, Newport, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. In addition, many members cruise on an informal basis with other sailors they have met through the Association.

SOCIAL: In addition to the on-the-water activities, the association also holds meetings and social activities on land. Regular meetings are held each month from October to May. See home page for the next meeting date and directions. Prospective members are always welcome at meetings. Among the other off-the-water activities are an awards dinner, wine & cheese parties, sailing seminars and boat show trips.

Our 2023 MSSA Yearbook is available in PDF form here.


MSSA Mattituck Cruise Party 2015


MSSA Bridge and Officers, 2022-2023

Commodore TBD
Vice Commodore Barry Lenoble
Rear Commodore Jeff Pendergrast
Fleet Captain Mike Sawka
Secretary Ann Hobbs
Treasurer Danielle Pepe
Past Commodore Jennifer Hegreness
Race Results John Baker / Audra Hallock
Website John Hobbs
Yearbook Cover Jennifer Hegreness
American Cancer Society Regatta Chairs TBD
Cruise Committee Chair Mike Sawka
Social Committee Chair TBD
Race Committee Chair TBD
Handicap Committee Barry Lenoble
John Baker
Doug Dalessio
Small Boat/Frostbite Chair Ted Turner
Protest Committee Chair TBD
2020-2021 Jennifer Hegreness
2018-2019 David Randle
2016-2017  Lonnie Cardinuto
2014-2015  Mark Hegreness
2012-2013  Stewart Arnold
2010-2011 Ted Turner
2008-2009 Dean Doty
2006-2007 Tom Brischler 
2004-2005 John Baker
2002-2003 Fran Nilsen
2000-2001 Ted Turner
1998-1999 Phil Pape
1996-1997 Thomas W. Cramer
1994-1995 James Burke
1992-1993 Robert Hall
1990-1991 Mike Sawka
1988-1989 Bill Trainor
1986-1987 Bill Johansmeyer
1984-1985 Don Hegreness
1982-1983 Will Conwell
1980-1981 Victor Baum
1978-1979 Gene Sief
1976-1977 Don Winters
1975-1976 Lou Van Camp