MSSA Racing Marks

MSSA Race Marks

Approximate Coordinates & Depth for Club Marks (2017 UPDATE):

Mark Description (Depth) Lat Long
A/G MSSA Mark A/G (15') N 40°58.294 W 073°02.217
O MSSA Mark O (13') N 40°58.382 W 073°01.322
R MSSA Mark R (41') N 40°58.823 W 073°02.975
T MSSA Mark T (73') 40°59.952 W 073°01.453
V MSSA Mark V (70') N 40°59.297 W 073°00.840
Y MSSA Mark Y (69') N 40°59.105 W 073°01.786

Coordinates for Government Marks:

Mark Description Lat Long
B C11 Mt Misery Shoal N 40°59.297 W 073°04.801
C RW Mo(A) Port Jefferson N 40°59.332 W 073°06.398
D G11A Old Field N 40°59.2249 W 073°07.281
F Middle Ground R2 N 41°03.093 W 073°06.206
J C9 Rocky Point N 40°59.587 W 072°57.887

Coordinates for Club Moorings:
(Note: both moorings are orange with "MSSA" painted on the buoy)

Mark Description Lat Long
A Port Jefferson N 40°57.845 W 073°06.038
B Mt. Sinai Eastern End of the Harbor


NOTES: The coordinates provided above are correct to the best of our knowledge but are offered for information and reference only. Coordinates for the MSSA marks reflect the updated 2017 locations. Skippers should always verify the accuracy of these coordinates prior to using them for navigational purposes. If you identify any errors or inaccuracies, please let us know via the Site Feedback page.